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New Life Video + Photo is a collective team of photographers, videographers and editors who are passionate about their craft of capturing and preserving perhaps one of the most important days of your life... Your Wedding! 

If you’re getting married, you’re about to embark on a life-changing journey. Not one day will ever go by after your ceremony that isn’t in some way affected by this decision. It’s truly a special thing to find “the one” that’s going to make you happy and grow old with you. Now that the euphoria of that decision has worn off, at least a little bit, you may be finding that you have a lot to do in order to plan for your big day. If you’ve been searching for photography or videography services for your wedding, chances are you may be a bit overwhelmed. Every web site dedicated to wedding photos and video capabilities is going to feature its best work, so it’s difficult to know what the best fit is for you.

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We understand the challenges a lot of engaged couple face when choosing the best videographer and/or photographer for them - especially ones that can work within their budget!  After all, these are photos and videos you’re going to look at, and treasure for the rest of your life; you only get one chance to make the right decision! With our team of professionals, we promise you professional and quality work for affordable rates. New Life Video + Photo is part of the CLN Productions family owned by Charles Newman, a wedding videographer & photographer and veteran of the wedding industry for almost 25 years. With our team of associates across the state of Florida, we promise to bring the best and brightest to your wedding day so that you can narrow your choices and find that perfect match, much like your soon-to-be-spouse!

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